When we think about school education a class of 30-40 students sitting in front of a teacher is a standard image in brain. Is school education confined to this or it goes beyond that?

Many Educationist keep brainstorming to propose future structure of school education which was never implemented and always kept reserve for future. But current COVID pandemic has shattered all brainstorms and forced people and educationists to bring immediate and sudden reform in the education style. It has forced school’s to think about flexible education, focusing on skill based learning when they could not give bookish teaching to lower classes in pandemic situations. Also the parents and students have adopted this change suddenly and immediately.

All the school shave adopted digital teaching in pandemic which reflects that subconsciously all schools are ready to go digital but that was not known to them and they did not belief this digital system. Same is the scenario at parents end but students are unaffected. They are open for learning whether digital or conventional. The teachers have also adapted change in their teaching style to engage students online and have acquired tricks to keep students attentive during their session. The end user of entire school system is student, and student is flexible for any sort of learning subject to that current school system is capable of providing teaching to student in various forms.

Today school needs to be completely creative in way of teaching. Over digital, students can learn by watching more than listening to the content. Hence teachers have to align their pedagogy to enactment, storytelling and practical-based learnings. English teachers will have to get more practice done in verbal overwritten, a science teacher may have to show more practical over videos than just theory and board, maths teacher will have to make fun out of numbers. This pandemic has forced all of us to review ourselves inside and come out of our own personalities and sharpen our skills.

The entire covid thing was nailed properly by government announcement of National Education  Policy. This current situation has force all to develop a system which is free of location and rigid structure.