I have been very sporty since my student life and have observed that our current education style does not support student to learn anything else other than regular subjects for 10 years of student life which is a big span of student’s life. This gap in school education has given me reason to design a school which can give flexibility to student to learn his academic subjects and other subject of his/her interest simultaneously without compromising on school. I am fortunate to come up with eTeach design of schooling and we have been running this successfully for last 10 years. Also with the advent of NEP our vision has got more boost to convert a school into complete 360 0 learning place. We have got more reason to spread this concept with many schools so that we could touch lives of as many students as possible to prepare them for future.

The journey of this concept began to bridge the gap of academic studies for students pursuing sports and students who need more revision of subject at home, but the current pandemic has also added to the need of such flexible and bagless school. We are fortunate that entire education ecosystem is getting aligned to our objective and we wish to bring in more schools to take benefit of this opportunity and change the life of thousands of students studying at their school.

I invite schools to go through our proposal and adopt the same for their schools and also spread this concept in school fraternity.

Mr. Satish Kundanwar

Educationist and Visionary Architect for Schools.
Mihir Diwakar

At Aarka sports management Pvt Ltd. We are in constant touch with players and manage their business development and branding. At certain point of time everyone reaches to the bell-curve of their career and a downfall starts where they  need support of education to sustain as an employee or grow as an entrepreneur.

It has been very sad in our country that most of the players who have played international and national or olympics are not highly educated or somewhere they have to compromise with their academic studies while creating a balance between their practice, matches and exams.

When we learnt about eTeach application i found this as great boon for the future players where they can continue their school on the go as per their own time from the same teacher who are teaching at their school and at same time they can also spend their time practicing for the sports of their own interest.

School is one of such place where a student can be molded for his/her career and we envision to develop all schools to provide complete sports education at their own premises. With this franchise we commit to develop the school in this association and fulfill our dream of providing sports and schooling facility under one roof.

Mr. Mihir Diwakar

Sportsman, Founder Aarka Sports Pvt. Ltd.