Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



A. Right Sir, It’s good that your system is already adapted to an ERP software. We would just like to know if your ERP integrates your e-Learning platform, provides facilities to students to learn at home and also records the self study done by your student? Does it capture your students’ sports development? Does it capture your students other academic performance like participation in scholarship exams, olympiads and NTSE participation and their status? If your ERP misses any one thing out of these then we propose you to check with a demo of our ERP once.
A. We are talking about complete ERP solution which will make your school management and learning management automated. e-Learning is just one part of an ERP. Hence you should look at Aarka-eTeach as upgradation and your shift towards.
A. Aarka-eTeach will bear the cost of a sports coach, all the infrastructure cost provided by Aarka-eTeach is covered under the cost proposal submitted to you.

A. Dedicated administrators will ensure the solution of all the technical queries on a real time basis at your premises , training
and handholding of your staff will be done by him.

B. Sports coaches will be additional resources who are trained for the latest techniques and trends to coach your students with

A. Our dedicated administrator resource will take care of their training and handholding.
A. That will be sad part for us, we have designed our complaint addressing process very robust and ensures that you don’t come up with any complaints, still if anything persist we can take it up case to case basis to satisfy you.
A. No, student learning app is a part of ERP package.
A. Our system captures the time and topic learnt by students which is visible to teachers and parents. Also students need to attempt some questions while going through the videos. Those questions and answers are also accessible to them by which they can track the studies done by the student.
A. Yes the evaluation system follows the CBSE/State board guidelines.
A. No, we have scheduled the timetable in such a way that student will also have to do the writing part.
A. The app also captures the co-curricular activity record and sport activity record including the rank of student and his peers. By this you can track the physical development of the child.