Aarka-eTeach Pvt Ltd is has also partnered with schools to revamp their school style. Currently we are partnered with these schools who have adopted Aarka-eTeach school pattern and are successfully using the digital form of learning with customized content.

Trend setter school


A journey towards excellence… From “Trend Setters” towards becoming “Undisputed Leaders”, our journey on the path of excellence is advancing perpetually. Our claims are no mere words, our success stories speak volumes about efforts taken by our team.

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Hillfort Public School

Hillfort public school has adopted online school education from Aarka-eTeach Pvt Ltd. They have partnered with them to make their school flexible for children and teachers. It is the first school to adopt online education for their school after successful pilot project at ePathshala. A seamless transition of this school to online school proves the adaptability of current generation parents, students and teachers for technology and their inclination towards effectiveness and productivity.