M.S. Dhoni Sports Club – Our journey has started with one question “What can we do better to reach the maximum people for fitness?” And now it’s one of the best and fastest growing Sports Clubs in Nagpur, in short words, it’s a top-class club for everyone at an affordable price.

With a unique concept where families can spend their time in fitness & sports activities together, we provide you with the finest equipment & fitness knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have served many members across Nagpur till now and our quality staff and sports & fitness professionals are working together for one thing:
“How can they help you today & tomorrow to achieve your goal?”

With the extensive use of technology, we do not want the students to have a sedentary life. Though sports and fitness are part of many school curriculums, the time limit is short and coach to student ratio is big which does not deliver the right training to students. When students will have the entire school at their home, they will be able to make use of school time for sports learning and other experiential learning through this club.
Aarka-eTeach believes in space management and time utilization. This Sports Club will be open to school students and their parents along with the nearby community around the school. Before and after the school hours students are prone to tuitions which keep them engaged with academics only, hence a Sports Club is required at school premises where they can play and learn some sports activity.

The Concept of Sports Club:

We indians have very well realized the importance of fitness and health in life because of the pandemic. School’s infrastructure will be used before School for yoga and for different sports activities after School. It would become very easy for School students and their parents to focus on fitness. A sports and fitness club plays a social role in society. It promotes the principles of cultural integration, cordiality, camaraderie and friendship among its members.

Operations of Club:

1. Entire operations and management of the club will be taken care of by us.

2. Security and safety will be our first priority while operating.

3. Regular content and updates will be shared with all members on social media handles.

4. Our application will be used by all members of the club for smooth management.

5. The transport facility will be provided by Aarka-eTeach by arranging private vendors for the candidates.

6. An operations associate will be present to oversee the operations and people management of the club. Also ensuring the quality of teaching by following the quality assurance protocol set by the M.S. Dhoni sports and fitness club. This associate is also responsible for basic first aid. These associates will be either sports management graduates or interns.

7. An operations manager will be present at the club to manage the entire club, this manager will act as the point of contact for the school.

8. A physio will be hired if the number of members in the club exceeds 50.

9. Maintenance, Management, Operations, and Cleaning of the sports infrastructure will be done by Aarka-eTeach.

Training and Coaches:

The training will be taken care of by Aarka-eTeach and before the selection of a trainer for any sport, the profile will be consulted with the school for smooth working. We will start with coaches with good experience and during the first year, multiple visits from a national coach will be done. An international coach will be hired after 2 years of functioning of the Club once we have a pool of students for the same.

We also help students in getting placed at the Clubs and academies of their choice by connecting them to the right place and helping them with finances, accommodation, and food.


1. Table Tennis Club.
2. Volleyball Club.
3. Chess Club.
4. Carrom Club.
5. Cricket Club.
6. Football Club.
7. Yoga Club