Our school automation software Aarka-eTeach which is currently available for the following platforms :

1) Windows application for laptops, desktops and tablets.

2) Available for android for all tablets and mobile phones.

3) For IOS which includes all apple tablets and mobile phones.

4) As Set Top Box application.

Out of all these platforms we personally prefer Set Top Box as the best option.

Since it’s going to be an 8 hour long session both online and offline including TV is much preferred compared to sticking all of our students time in mobile phone or tablets.

So that long 8 hour time will be perfectly managed by the Set Top Box.

A Set Top Box is a device that allows users to view video content from specific internet video providers via the internet. Also known as a set top unit , these boxes convert a digital television signal to analog to be viewed on a conventional television set, or enable cable or satellite
television to be viewed.

Originally, these boxes were used for satellite and cable television, and delivered more channels than the channel numbering systems built into most televisions but Aarka-eTeach is one of the first companies using these for EdTech purposes. Set Top Boxes allow a user to choose from specific providers, and then filter down to the video content they wish to consume.

Today, many Set Top Box systems rely on two-way communication that allows users to take advantage of many interactive features, including adding premium channels directly from the device and incorporating internet access.

Key benefits of using Aarka-eTeach’s Set Top Box:

In addition to that, following are some of the key benefits of using set top box.

1) Visibility will be quite better.

2) Eye strain will be lesser.

3) Lesser sound problems with ears.

4) At your utmost comfort.

5) Focus will be more.

6) Lesser chances of student forming a habit.

7) Set Top Box will be robust in nature.

8) It will be easy to operate for both parents and students.

9) Parents supervision will always be there.

10) Due to wireless mouse and keyboard, there will be no adverse effect on eyes due to online study on TV.

11) Due to the large screen of the TV, there will be no strain on the eyes.

12) Now you will be able to study longer.

13) With TV in front of everyone, parents will also be able to watch studies and children will not get a chance to do anything else.