Basic network of primary schools within a designated catchment area.

Feeder schools are charged with the task of providing a certain number of pupils for either a catchment area’s secondary school or grammar school.

Fundamentally, a feeder school can increase your child’s chances of getting a place at the secondary or grammar school of your choice if the feeder school is directly linked to it .

There are two sources that you can use to identify feeder schools. The first one is your existing student base. As part of your standard enrollment process, you should always ask what school the student previously attended. In taking this small step, you can identify who are your existing feeder schools.

In my opinion, the new student enrollment form is really a wasted opportunity for schools to gather critical marketing information. I cover this and other small changes you should make to your enrollment form to drive higher enrollment here.

Understanding who came from what school allows you to begin to make a qualitative judgment on the quality of the schools that feed into yours.