Pre-primary education is the most important phase in any child’s life. A good Pre-primary education lays the foundation of lifelong learning for children and enables their overall personality development. Ekids in Nagpur is a renowned Pre-School brand excelling at providing fun-based education to infants. We believe that technology can prove to be a powerful tool when it comes to Transforming, Learning, and Featuring our most effective schooling methods. And we are using those methods to give the results worthy of our brand name: eKids.

Concept –

All our programs are designed mindfully via the play way method in such a way that the kids get to connect and explore as much as they want using their own potential.

We bring creative and revolutionary methods when it comes to educating the youngest minds:-

eKids Smart Roof –

A space dedicated to activity-based learning, because Kids Learn By Doing.

Hands-on Phonics –

In this language-based program, kids will learn to relate to and understand the sound of speech. Regular practice will help to produce the same with the learning of alphabets and vocabulary.

Hands-on Math –

Easy and simply designed with the view of developing number concepts and number recognition. Our play way method will provide the learner with a lot of hands-on experience to learn and explore numbers in everyday life.

Hands-on Science –

Hands-on Science encourages the children to DO something – they observe, they ask questions, they touch, smell, and experiment. Allowing children to really get into science gives them the chance to make discoveries on their own.

Creative Crafts –

It is a hands-on course designed to give students opportunities to develop skills in a variety of craft techniques. Some examples of the skills that may be developed include paper-making, batik, and weaving.

Dance2Fitness –

Everything is Rhythmic! We at eKids have a special lyrical Dance based program where kids learn to Dance. They start learning different rhythms and we all know how dance can make you active, healthy, creative, and agile.

Yoga for You & Me –

Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility, it teaches discipline, breathing techniques, asanas, and social values.

Services –

1. School assist app :-

A parent-centered app for being aware of school activities.

2. ERP Tool :-

Get notifications, schedules, and homework.

3. Smart personal classrooms :-

It’s your time to study from home any time anywhere.

4. e-Tube, e-Sports, e-Assessments and many more :-

Everything is virtual, everything is better.

Locate Us:

390, Designo, Krida Chowk,
Hanuman Nagar, Nagpur.