Aarka-eTeach believes in space management and time utilization. We will start a sports and fitness club in the school sports infrastructure before and after school timings. This sports club will be open to school students and their parents along with the nearby community around the school. Before school and after school students are prone to tuitions which keep them engaged with academics only, hence a sports and fitness club is required at school premises where they can play and learn some sports activity.

The concept of sports and fitness club :

We indians have very well realized the importance of fitness and health in life because of the pandemic. school’s infrastructure will be used before school for yoga and for different sports and fitness activities after school. It would become very easy for school students and their parents to focus on fitness. A sports and fitness club plays a social role in society. It promotes the principles of cultural integration, cordiality, camaraderie and friendship among its member. A state-of-the-art sports and fitness facility will be developed in the school for the citizens of the city and nearby geography. The sports academy sprawls across a massive area and can easily facilitate commercial as well as training activities. It will be designed and managed by Aarka-eTeach with meeting international standards. With extensive use of technology, we do not want to give a sedentary life to students. Though sports and fitness are part of many school curriculums, the time limit is short and coach to student ratio is big which does not deliver the right training to students. When students will have the entire school at their home then they can make use of school time for sports learning and other experiential learning through this academy.

Benefits to School :

  1. Schools will have their own sports and fitness club. This will help in brand building and will add another USP for school.
  1. The club will be working on a parent-student engagement model, which will help school gain trust of the parent gradually throughout the year.
  1. The footfall in the school will increase in school, which results in better mouth marketing.
  1. Right marketing will help the school in getting recognition as a fitness hub.
  1. School infrastructure will be rightly used.
  1. All these factors will help the school in achieving the admission target of 3000 on roll students.
  1. Revenue generated from the membership of sports and fitness club will be shared with school management.

Process of Club :

  1. Finalization of membership module.
  1. Pre-Launch marketing.
  1. Briefing and counseling of parents.
  1. Offline marketing.
  1. Registration of members.
  1. Batch distribution as per sport.
  1. Fitness check up for all members.

Operations of Club :

  1. Entire operations and management of the club will be taken care of by us.
  1. Security and safety will be our first priority while operating.
  1. A POC from school will be appointed for over viewing the members.
  1. Regular content and updates will be shared with all members on social media handles.
  1. An application will be used by all members of the club for smooth management.